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National General Body

7.             National General Body

(1)    The composition of all MAP Members would be called and referred as “National General Body”.

(2)    National General Body will meet at least every three years, at a place and time agreed upon by the majority of the members of the National Executive Council, where major issues of concern to People of India will be discussed.

(3)    The meetings of the National General Body Convention will be presided by the chairman and in his absence by one of the Vice-President. The Executive Committee in consultation with the Chairman will prepare the Agenda for the National General Body Convention. It will be open to any MAP MEMBER with prior permission through appropriate procedure, to suggest items on the agenda for discussion at National General Body Conventions.

(4)    All participants of the National General Body convention will pay their own travel and other expenses, save in exceptional cases where the Executive Committee may decide to pay itself.


8.                  National Convenor of MAP:

(1)               National Convenor; MAP Member who have acted for consecutive two terms as a Vice President of National Executive Committee or Convenor of the State Chapter shall be illegible for the election as the National Convenor. National Convenor shall be the Chairman and President too of the MAP Organisation.

(2)               All Members of the Movement for Accountability to Public (MAP) should elect its National Convenor for three years with the support of 50% of the Total Strength of the Membership Value and 75% of the Value Support in Voting. First Election for the National Convenor shall be held on the 1st July of 2008. The Election Rules shall be framed and issued separately by the National Executive Council.

(3)               CHAIRMAN will be the head of the organization. He will preside over the meetings of the National General Body, National Executive Council and the Advisory Council. He will lead all deputations and delegations of which he/she is a member. He will provide overall leadership to National General Body and the National Executive Council and help the Executive Committee in convening National General Body Conventions and meetings of the Executive Council. He will be an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee.

(4)               PRESIDENT will be the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. He will be responsible for planning and execution of programs and activities of MAP and liaison with other organizations engaged in similar activities. He will present Reports of the State Chapters of the organization to the National Executive Council. In his absence of the one of the Vice-Chairman will preside over the meetings of the Convention and/or National Executive Council and/or Executive Committee.


9.    National Executive Council of “MAP:

(1)        National Convenor of the “MAP” will constitutes National Executive Council after due consultation with the Convenors from All State Chapters, with the following Members:

                                                                           i.      All Ex-National Convenors (if so or alive);

                                                                          ii.      Five Vice-Presidents (One In-Charge for one Region);

                                                                         iii.      Five General Secretaries (One In-Charge for one Region);

                                                                        iv.      Twenty Five Secretaries (One In-Charge for one State);

                                                                         v.      Few more Members;

                                                                        vi.      Three Treasurers; and  

                                                                       vii.      One or More NRI(s) as Members.

                                                                      viii.      The National Convenor can change or replace any Office-Bearer of National Executive Council, if he doesn’t satisfied with his performance.

(2)        The National Executive Council will be the main policymaking body of MAP ORGANISATION.

(2)    The Chairman will chair National Executive Council meetings. The Council will discuss and approve annual budget and accounts, prepared by Executive Committee.

(3)    National Executive Council will be responsible for giving shape to the guidelines given by the National Convention and will take appropriate action to implement various resolutions pass by the Convention.

(4)    National Executive Council will meet at least thrice a year at a places and time decided by the National Convenor in consultation with the Executive Committee.

(5)    In case delegates from any States not elected to represent National Council for any reason, National Convenor in consultation with the National Executive Council and on the recommendations of the Credentials Committee, will nominate particular individual or individuals to represent the interest of the respective States.

(6)    Regional Vice-Presidents will be responsible for developing and implementing plan of activities for their regions in accordance with MAP Objects. They will provide leadership at regional levels and will be responsible for stimulating the creation of national MAP organizations in each State in their region.

(7)    To assist in the administrative Matters of MAP Organisation, MAP CLUBS and MAP POLITICAL PARTY and in specific related activities, there will be separate Councils, Advisory Councils, and a Credentials Committee and a Secretariat headed by a Secretary-General. In this respect separate Rules to be framed and issued, by the National Executive Council.

(8)    The Executive Committee in consultation with the National Convenor will appoint the Secretary-General. Appointment can be renewed for one more term.

(9)    SECRETARY-GENERAL will carry on MAP work on a day- to-day basis under the guidance of the Chairman and President of MAP. He/she will be also the Secretary of the Executive Committee, and will be responsible for communications with all members of the National Executive Council, Executive Committee or MAP Members and with others interested in the activities of the MAP. He/she will also be required to give shape to the decisions taken in Convention and National Executive Council, report periodically on the activities of the MAP and assist the President, Vice-Presidents and others in achieving of the objectives of the MAP.

(10) In conformity with other provisions referred in this Constitution, National Executive Council is competent to advice National Convenor to take any decision and to act accordingly in the interest of or with object to achieve Objective referred under Clause 1 and 2 as aforesaid.


(1)            Consist of the National Convenor and Five Vice presidents.

(2)         The chairman will be ex-officio member of the Executive Committee.

(3)               The National Convenor in consultation with and support and approval from the Executive Committee will report to the National General Body on all activities, and provide guidance to the Secretary-General and other staff.

(4)       The Executive Committee will prepare annual budgets and accounts and present them to the National Executive Council for approval.

Two-Tire Organisation at Grass Root Level.