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5. MAP Members should not stand for Election for any Political Office:

5.                  MAP Members should not stand for Election for any Political Office: 

Till the object of the formation of the MAP and launching of MAP POLITICAL PARTY does not take place in complete conformity to the basic principles laid down under aforesaid Clause 2, MAP CLUB Members, except members from Political Wing, Ordinary Members, Life Members, and Delegate Members, cannot stand for Election to Parliament or any State Assembly or for Local Self Government. If in violation of this provision any one stands for any of such election, with the immediate effect from the time of filing of Nomination Papers for such election, his Life Membership shall be seized automatically, and no one in the organisation can restore it nor he can reenter as Member of MAP. This is the essence of the Life Membership. In this respect, seized Member cannot raise any kind of dispute whatsoever, and this term is specifically referred in the Application Form for Membership.     


6.      Two-Tire Organisation at Grass Root Level.

To achieve the aforesaid Objects “MAP” runs two-tire organisations starting from grass root level:



(Explanation: To make the Organisation mass based it is essential that it should be directly connected to the People to participate in activities to solve their day to day problems and then explain and motivate them about changes needed in the system. This can be achieved in a sustainable manner only through operating a Political Wing, but without involving Power sharing at State or National Level, till such objectives is not achieved, otherwise after entering in power sharing its very basic objects will be missed. Absolutely MAP POLITICAL PARTY have to spread all over India at the grass root level i.e. at the Local Self Governmental Bodies elections to control the reins of the Powers to compel the Elected Representatives to bring the desired changes in the system.)     


7.         MAP CLUB:

Just five person having faith on the aforesaid Principles and Objectives and ready to work to achieve such objectives, after joining as active members start and form a MAP CLUB at the Local Level, within the area of a Gram Panchayat, a Municipal Ward or a Ward of a Municipal Corporation, as the case may be. CLUB should develop direct interaction with local masses on regular basis through interalia following activities:  

(1)   CLUB should stand to help for any matter relating to Public Interest at large or injustice to any individual in particular, within their capacity and as much they can do.

(2)   CLUB should run all types of social, religious, cultural, educational, health related activities.

(3)   CLUB with the help of its own Political Party should create peaceful voice against any corrupt practice adopted by any local authorities effecting equal rights of individuals.

(4)   CLUB should lodge written complaints before concerned authorities against any type of injustice with the local people.

(5)   CLUB should be registered with the Central Office of the MAP, in compliance of this Constitution and other Rules.

(6)   Subject to provisions under this Constitution, ownership over all receipts (except Rs.100/- One Time Entry Fee for Membership and 25% of the other receipts), or any other moveable or immoveable properties relating to respective MAP CLUB shall vest with it, provided it clears all dues in respect of payments under Clause 13 hereinafter, without any defaults.  



1.                  One time entry fee for Membership Rs.100/- (Rupees One Hundred) only should be paid along with Two Sets of Application Forms for Membership. 

2.                  After due consideration of the Application Form Executive Committee of the respective MAP CLUB should accept or reject Application for Membership. IN case Application is rejected the entry fee will be forfeited, but Membership fee would be refunded.

3.                  Central Office of the MAP will be entitled to receive entire Entry Fee money and should be remitted along with Original Membership Application Form to the Central Office of the MAP CLUB.

4.                  The Founder Members of each Club should fix Annual fees independently for its Members at the time of opening of a new MAP CLUB, which could be changed from time to time. 

5.                  25% amount of total collection through Annual Membership Fee or any other collection on account of respective MAP CLUB shall be remitted to the Central Office, as a mandatory condition.

6.                  The such 25% amount received by the Central Office from each Club shall be distributed in the following manner:

i) Total 30% of the Collection (7.5% out of aforesaid 25%) received from all Clubs within a District should be earmarked or given back to the respective District Chapter.

ii) Total 30% of the Total Collection (7.5% out of aforesaid 25%) from all Clubs within a State should be earmarked or given back to the respective State Chapter.

            iii)         The rest 40% amount (10% out of aforesaid 25%) should be kept by Central Office for its own use and to meet its expenditures.

6.       MAP CLUBS and Chapters are eligible to collect funds to meet deficit amount due to extra expenditure or due to extra ordinary functions etc. from or through its Members.

7.                  Cash Payment cannot be received or paid by any Club or Chapter, under any circumstances, except prior resolution from the Executive Committee.


9.         Seizure of Membership of MAP CLUB:

(1)               When any Member become inactive or charge sheeted or convicted in any criminal case or his/her Honesty becomes doubtful, or defaulter in Payment of Membership to the MAP CLUB one month prior to the date of election for the President, he will loose his Membership. But before seizure of his Membership he should be given an opportunity to explain his conduct or views, in writing. The Credential Committee of the MAP Organisation, in accordance with dispute resolution policy, should settle any dispute between a Member and MAP CLUB in respect of Membership issue. 

(2)               When any Member does not participate in Voting Process for consecutive Two Terms, his Membership will seize automatically. 

10.       Election of President and Executive Committee of Each MAP CLUB:

(1)                On 31st March in the Election Year, election for the following Office Bearers should be held in

each MAP CLUB:

(a)    MAP CLUB President

(b)    Six Members representing MAP CLUB Members

(c)    Two Members representing to MAP Ordinary Members from the respective CLUB area representing Central Organisation in the MAP Club.

(d)    Two Members representing to MAP Life Members from the respective CLUB area representing Central Organisation in the MAP Club.

(2)             Election shall be held for Two years term, through secret voting with the support of 50% of the total Member strength and 75% of the Voting Members.

(3)            When more than two candidates stand for the election of the President or Member of Executive Committee, fresh contest will be held amongst Two candidates who in the first Voting gets highest Votes.

(4)            Election Process should start Two Months prior to last date of the ending term of the Outgoing Executive Committee.

(5)     One can contest for the Office of the President or the Member of the Executive Committee of respective MAP CLUB, provided he fulfills following criteria:

(e)    He/She should not be charge sheeted or convicted in any criminal case.

(f)     His/Her Honesty should be beyond any doubt.

(g)    He/She should not be a defaulter in Payment of his Membership to the MAP CLUB one month prior to the date of election.

(6) One person can stand for election of Executive Committee or President for consecutive two terms. Thereafter, a gap of three terms is necessary to enable him/her to stand again for consecutive two terms.

(1)    First Election for each MAP CLUB should be held within one year from the date of its registration with the Central Office, or Next 31st March coming after such registration.

(2)    Detailed Election Procedures and Rules should be framed and issued by the National Executive Council of MAP ORGANISATION, within one year.    



(1) Whenever, within the area of one Gram Panchayat, or a Municipal Ward or a Ward of Municipal Corporation MAP CLUB enlists 25, 50, 100 or more active members respectively, they can start its Political Branch: MAP Political Party selecting at least 5 competent persons with their written consent from Members of respective MAP CLUB.   

(Once a person joins or selected as Member of MAP Political Party, his MAP CLUB membership would be continued subject to regular payment of Membership fee, but immediately thereafter, cannot contest any election of MAP CLUB) 

(2) Subject to Rules, and following terms a Member of MAP Political Party can apply before the respective MAP CLUB for his candidature for the Election to Office of the Local Self-Government as Municipalities, Municipal Corporation, Panchayat, Panchayat Samity, and Zila Parishad:

a)                   After two years of working as active Member of MAP Political Party, one can apply for a Ticket for Election to any Office of the Local Self Government, but cannot apply for State Legislatures or Parliament, till the aforesaid objective referred to under 1 and Clause 2 is achieved. 

b)                  In a Meeting of the General Members from respective MAP CLUB should select candidate for election to Local Self Government Body through secret Vote with the support of 50% of the total strength of the Membership of MAP CLUB. Application for Candidature for election to Local Self Government Body shall be considered once following conditions are complied by the respective applicant:

(i)                  He should declare a Tree of his relationship starting from his Father and another Tree Starting from his Father-in-law, if he is married;

(ii)     He should declare detailed Assets and Liabilities relating to his family members including himself and working details of other Members of his relations;

(iii)    He should affirm affidavit that he is not facing any criminal proceedings nor he was convicted in any criminal case, before.

(iv)   He should be eligible to apply before a MAP CLUB for the election to self-same Office for two terms only.  


Election of the Delegates