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Membership of the Movement for Accountability to Public (MAP)

3.            Membership of the Movement for Accountability to Public (“MAP”)

            (1).       Founder Convenor.

(2)        Founder Members: Who adopts and signs this Constitution of the MAP.

(3)        Ordinary Members (Annual Membership Fee Rs.500/- with Rs.100/- one time entry Fee) 

(4)        Life Members: Life Membership is open for any Indian Citizen who will affirm his faith in the Basic Principles for the Democratic, Administrative and Judicial system reforms, and ready to participate actively for the achievement of the aforesaid Objects, and pay one time Life Membership Fee Rs.10,000/-. In case, for whatever reason and subject to provisions provided in this respect, whenever organisation dissolve, Received as Life Membership Fee from the Life Members shall be refunded without any interest to the respective Life Member.

(5)          Members elected through delegation from State Chapters of the MAP Clubs.

(6)               Non-Resident Indians. (One time Payment of US$1,000 Dollars or equal amount with his affirmation having faith in the aforesaid Principles and to work for achievement of such Objectives. In case, for any reasons and in accordance with the provisions provided in this respect, organisation dissolve, then Money Received as NRI Membership Fee shall be refunded without any interest.

(7)               Subject to approval from the National Executive Council, upon written application from respective Life or NRI Member his Membership can be transferred, in favour of a person illegible to become Life or NRI Member in accordance with the then prevailed terms and conditions fro the same.         



4.                  Number of the Life Members:

1.                  Except in respect of the Metro Cities, Maximum number of Life Members from each State shall not exceeding than the number of Total Seats in Loksabha from respective State.

2.                  Maximum Number of Life Membership for present five Metro Cities would be as under:

Banglore             :            25 Life Members

Chennai               :            25 Life Members

Delhi                   :            100 Life Members (In consideration as Capital of Nation)

Kolkata                :            25 Life Members

Mumbai                :            25 Life Members

3.         In respect of the above numbered Life Members from Metro cities the number of respective State will be reduced equal to the number of Loksabha seats from the respective Metro City.
4.The Life Members should be convenors of the MAP Organisations and authorised to open New MAP CLUBS in their respective areas. 


5.                  Election Methods to be used by MAP Members to elect its National or State Chapter Convenors:

1.                  Elections of the Convenors for State Chapters shall be held on 1st April in the Election Year.

2.                  Elections of the National Convenors shall be held on 1st July in the Election Year.

3.                  Nomination Paper for State Chapter Convenor shall be filed along with Rs.2,000/- as part of the cost of the election. 

4.                  Once Nomination Paper filed, it cannot be taken back

5.                  Nomination Papers can be filed online too.

6.                  The Secretary General of the Map Organisation shall be the Election Officer for the Election of the National Convenor and Office Secretary at the State Chapter shall be the Election Officer for the election of the Convenor for respective State.

7.                  The Members those do not intend to participate in person in Voting Process can post their Vote by Registered Post or Online. In this respect they have to inform in writing to Election Officer one month prior to date of Election.

8.                  The Voting process for Voting by Post or Online would be informed individually in detail to the Members, those applied for the same under sub-clause (8). 

9.                  Total Voting Value of the respective category of the all Members shall be divided in 1:1:1:1 Ratio with Category: (1) Founder Convenor Founder Members and Non-Resident Indians (2) Ordinary Members, (3) Life Members and (4) Delegate Members. 

10.               Voting value will be calculated at the time of starting of the election process and should be displayed at the Website of the Organisation.

11.               This will be duty of the Election Officers to maintain all records of the Elections till the next Election held.   


6.                  MAP Members should not stand for Election for any Political Office: 

Till the object of formation of the MAP and lunching MAP POLITICAL PARTY does not achieved in complete conformity to the basic principles laid down under Clause 2 aforesaid, Life and Delegate Member of the Movement for Accountability to Public (MAP), cannot stand for Election to Parliament or any State Assembly or for Local Self Government. If in violation of this provision any one stand for any of such election, with the immediate effect from the time of filing of Nomination for such election his Life Membership shall be seized automatically, and no one in the organisation can restore it nor he can be reenter as Member of MAP. This is essence of the Life Membership. In this respect, seized Member cannot raised any kind of dispute whatsoever, and his application for Life Membership disclose this Terms specifically.     

7. National General Body